Welcome to the Empire


Kate O'Connor here. I've traveled the world photographing, thinking and writing about humans, love, and the soul's journey. 

I am a feeler. I move through life observing, wondering (and sometimes worrying) about how people feel, and how I feel. Feeling is my orientation, for better or for worse. Photos, to me, are just a shortcut to remembering how you felt when the picture was taken. When I look through my lens, that's what I'm looking for. 

I am a seeker, a romantic and an optimist. A nerd and a bit of a hippie. Sometimes I say the f-word, but always in good taste. And I love champagne.

Let's get to know one another!

You wanna know more? 

If you've read the info page, you know I'm into "mindfulness". Meditation has been an amazing tool in my life, and I incorporate it into my work as much as possible. It started several years ago, when I was suffering through a bad depression. Over years of emotional healing, I recognized the major benefits of knowing, accepting and loving myself... and the side-effect was learning to accept and love others, too. Nothing brings me greater joy than capturing someone with love, and sharing that with them. 

My focus has become creating a safe space where people can be themselves and truly be seen. This, I believe, is the secret to always looking beautiful and natural in photos.


I've photographed over 170 weddings, including travel and destination weddings in Hawai'i, Manhattan, San Francisco, Ireland, Jamaica, Vancouver Island, Ottawa, Montreal, Muskoka, Prince Edward County and all around the GTA. I studied Applied Photography at Sheridan College, and upgrade my mad skillz on a yearly basis:

  • MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) 2013, yoga and daily meditational practice (2010 - present)

  • Finding Your Frame (2015) and Family Photojournalism (2016) workshops with Catherine Farquharson
  • Adventure Always Conference, Palm Springs (2014)
  • Beloved Workshops with Jesh de Rox (2013, 2014)
  • WPPI Conference 2013 (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International)
  • Applied Photography Diploma, Sheridan College (2000-2002)

My life so far...

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