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Sweetheart Empire is a combination of experiential portraiture and wedding photojournalism. That means real interactions and authentic moments captured in a natural and unobtrusive way.

This service is highly personal, and based on mutual respect and understanding… because life is who you surround yourself with.

Welcome to the Empire.


Kate O’Connor here! I have 12 years of experience as a photographer, shooting from west coast to east, in over 10 countries internationally.  I have documented more than 80 weddings, and even more portraits and special events. I see beauty in joy, connection, and ~ most of all ~ authenticity. Real life; fleeting moments and emotions.

Life is short, so surround yourself with people who set you free. That motto extends to work life too, so for me that means working with honest and creative folks who make me smile, and who are willing to let down their barriers so that we can create something meaningful together. Beauty lives in vulnerability.

Could you be my muse? If you’re awesome, then maybe so!