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Engagements, anniversaries, date-night activities
for couples who want to make real memories together.


Date-Night sessions for intentional couples

What the heck is couple's photography?

It's more than a photo shoot, but it's not fully a couple's workshop... It's something in-between. These Date-Night sessions are romantic activities that any couple can do, any time:

  • To prepare for a marriage proposal

  • Celebrate your engagement

  • As a wedding anniversary activity

  • A gift for the holidays (i.e. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or a romantic Birthday present)

  • Any other time you want to express appreciation for the one you love.

These sessions are intentionally designed to create time together, where you will share memories, express unsaid (or rarely said) appreciations and spend quality time reflecting on the positive aspects of your relationship. 

“Every time I pass our picture in the hallway, I remember the reason we fell in love in the first place.”
— Raymond


  • Every couple completes pre-homework to customize the session.

  • Mindfulness techniques help you ease in & stay present during the shoot.

  • Story-telling & word games are custom-designed to bring out authentic moments of connection.

  • The activities help you forget you're on camera & give you something specific to concentrate on during the session.

At the end you will have beautiful photos reminding you of the important things in life: love, compassion, and gratitude. Not only are the photos natural looking, but they actually remind the subjects of real memories from a wonderful time in life.

Read more about my Feel-Be-Connect technique to create genuine, natural moments that you'll always remember!


Couples Photography

Engagements & date night Sessions from $650 - $950:

  • Online gallery

  • Pre-homework materials

  • Mindfulness and Moments technique

  • Acrylics, canvases, archival prints and wall displays