Courtney & Joe's Downtown Toronto Engagement Photos

For Courtney and Joe's downtown Toronto engagement photos, we decided to meet at the gorgeous La Société in Yorkville. It was early, and the restaurant was quiet enough for them to enjoy an after-work drink together, and for me to skulk around gazing at the breathtaking stained glass ceiling, and spying on them through plants... Yes, that is part of my wonderful world of "couples photography". We walked down to U of T for more photos, and ended up having a most hilarious, yet romantic time. Laughing and whispering stories to one another amongst the age-old stone walls of Victoria College, I felt happy just being in the company of Joe and Courtney.

Toronto Engagement_01Toronto Engagement_02Toronto Engagement_03Toronto Engagement_04Toronto Engagement_05Toronto Engagement_06Toronto Engagement_07Toronto Engagement_08Toronto Engagement_09Toronto Engagement_10Toronto Engagement_12Toronto Engagement_13Toronto Engagement_14

Courtney and Joe, thank you, firstly, for introducing me to the phrase "hot breath"... My photo shoots will never be the same. Can't wait to photograph your Niagara wedding this weekend!!