Services & Philosophy



Photography for mindful couples and families,
capturing authentic connection and love.

Whether you want documentary photography of your wedding, a day-in-the-life shoot of your family, or a romantic date-night activity for your wedding anniversary, Sweetheart Empire will create natural and meaningful images of your real life. 



My Philosophy

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, one thing can’t be denied: our time on this earth - with these people - is limited.

Young love evolves into companionship, the solid bond of sweatpants and Netflix.

Babies very quickly become kids. Your kids will soon be [surly] teens. The teenage years of eye-rolling will eventually end and young adults will move on with their own lives.

If you’re lucky enough to still have parents and grandparents around, you know they won’t live forever.

This life is fleeting. And as we age, time moves faster and faster. Truly, all we have are memories. Imagine: without your accumulated memories, what would your life look like? Who would you be?

I strongly believe the sole purpose of a photograph is to bring up memories & feelings about a specific time in our lives, and the people who have affected us.

What I do:

  • Create a safe space for life to unfold, combining unobtrusive photojournalism with encouraging and supportive behaviour.

  • Practice my skills of noticing and capturing relationships, connections and feelings.

How I do it:

  • I actively practice mindfulness techniques and have developed methods of encouraging others to be present to their experiences - so that they will experience life and be able to remember it (with and without photographic reminders).


  • Feel comfortable to be yourself

  • Be in the moment

  • Connect to one another, so the images depict real emotions, instead of stiff poses or forced laughter.

Truly, why would you want a photo of anything else? 

Find out how I learned all this magic (AKA science) on my About page.