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The world’s first Online Personal Development Workshop for Brides.


The Course:

An online personal development workshop for brides

Who: 25+ cutting-edge coaches & therapists

What: Teaching brides how to cope during wedding planning

When: Dec. 2-5, 2019

Where: In the comfort of your own home (online)

Why: Because your wedding planning is the start of your wedding.

How: Join the waitlist to register online!

How Much: Just $1 (that’s right, one dollar)

4 days of online lessons and live Q&As to help you:
Conquer anxiety!
Be yourself.
Love your body (like, actually).
Set boundaries like a pro.
Get everything you want with ease.

Don’t let the wedding industry ruin your marriage before it even starts.

This is the first and only place for brides to learn transformational, action-based practices, custom designed for wedding-related issues. Our mission is to provide the best of personal development and emotional wellbeing tools to brides all over the world.


WHY is this important?

The lie of the wedding industry:

There’s this weird lie in the wedding industry that wedding planning is expected to be hell for 6-18 months and then somehow brides will forget about all that and have an incredible time on the day-of. But human memory doesn’t work that way.

We all know how easy it is to receive tons of praise and still focus on the one piece of criticism. This is normal and natural human behaviour, and – yes – it applies to weddings.

Wedding planning brings up the baggage of you and apparently everyone around you. It’s supposed to be a happy time, but “we all know” in reality it sucks.

But what if it didn’t suck?

What if, instead, it was not only fun and fabulous, but also gave you the opportunity to become the person you really want to be?

The most common experiences of wedding planning:

Recently, I surveyed brides on their experience with wedding planning and emotional support. Here are the most common issues experienced:

85% Anxiety (50% reported stress-related physical illness)
77% Body image issues
73% Financial worry
66% Time management stress
59% Indecision or self-doubt
56% Conflict with parents
52% Conflict with future spouse

The main causes of conflict were managing expectations and control issues (both others’ and their own).

47% also experienced post-wedding blues, lasting from one week to more than 6 months after the wedding.

BUT some women had the opposite experience: They LOVED it.

Brides who reported feeling emotionally supported during their engagement, said the wedding was a major source of motivation to accomplish long-desired life goals on a deadline. Brides experienced:

  • Improving their physical and mental health

  • Changing their diet and exercise

  • Trying out new classes

  • Developing relationships with their in-laws

  • Paying off debt

  • Saving more money than ever before!

The possibility for positive change is astounding.

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What inspired this project?

Hundreds of brides! After working with 200+ couples and families over the last 10 years, none of the above stats came as a surprise. No one – from the most “normal” families (there’s no such thing, by the way) to the most eccentric – escapes wedding stress… And that is okay.

But what an opportunity to really heal. What a gorgeous, glorious opportunity to finally obliterate the patterns not serving you. To start your marriage off on the right foot. To set the foundation for a lifetime of strong, healthy relationships with your in-laws. To step into your power and become the woman you’ve always known you could be.

Change starts here: learn the most radical, effective, loving tools and practices in the industry, and make this year – and right now – the beginning of the life you love.

Why is this amazing 4-day event only $1?

Lots of people sign up for free online courses but never take them, and studies show that even a nominal payment can change the outcome of this trajectory. I really want you to do the work. I’ve seen how good it can be on the other side, and I want you to reap the benefits! I want you to know the secrets to getting exactly what you want, and knowing you deserve it. I want you to to feel happy and delighted and turned-on and motivated and excited – for your wedding and your life.

To hire any of the coaches or therapists teaching this course would cost between $250/hour to $6500/month. And normal online courses usually cost from $300-900 or more. Not everyone can afford those prices.

I want all brides to be able to access the tools to create your best self, at the height of this milestone in your life. Being a one-dollar online event, anyone can access it and everyone can afford it.

And selfishly, I want this to last more than 4 days. I want develop it into an ongoing course, that any bride-to-be can take, the moment she gets engaged. And to be honest, in the future I will be charging a normal online course rate. This, my friends, is just the beginning!

Understand this: your wedding planning is the start of your wedding.

It should be treated with the same delicacy and specialness as your actually wedding day. Your mental health this year will impact not only your wedding day and memories, but also your marriage and your new family life. Set yourself up for love and happiness, growth, adventure, connection, compassion and joy.

Have you had a wedding? Contribute to the study, by filling out the anonymous survey here.

Wanna be a teacher in The Course, or share your own wedding wisdom? Apply here!