Wedding Photographer Review - Lisanne & Adam - The Manor by Peter & Paul's

Wildflowers Wedding Photo

"First off...Photography for our wedding was very important for me. You can never go back and have pictures re-done!! I researched SO many companies and as soon as I met with Kate I knew they would be perfect for us.

For the engagement session she recommended places near my parents house, and we ended up choosing an awesome apple orchard. The pictures turned out to be amazing! She always kept me on task (as a crazy busy bride this was a MUST for me) and I appreciated all of her suggestions and emails.

Both Rudo and Kate were fun to hang out with and I really enjoyed having them around on the day of the wedding. Everyone that has seen our wedding photos are just speechless. They captured candid moments and you can tell by looking at the photos what people were doing or laughing at.

I could not have asked for better pictures both engagement and wedding!!

We would recommend them to ANYONE who feels that photography is super important either for a wedding, engagement shoot, or any other life changing events!

We are so happy :)"

~ Lisanne & Adam

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