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Pussy Powered Wedding!


Ex-squeeze me – what?!

People assume wedding planning is going to be a year of personal hell, but that the day itself will somehow be amazing. What they don’t realize is that your wedding planning is the START of your wedding.

Even if your Day goes perfectly, wedding stress can ruin the memories of this amazing time in your life.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Wedding planning should be held with the same delicateness and specialness as your wedding, because — as every bride knows, after the fact — it will either bring you (and your spouse/parents/in-laws/friends) closer together, or tear you farther apart.

Your engagement and wedding planning sets the tone for your marriage and new family life. Yes, it is THAT important.

Emotional balance for brides is about using tools and resources to help you cope with the stress that comes up during wedding planning.

Even better, you learn skills that will get you to the next level of who you want to be: improve your relationships, teach you how to FINALLY get you what you want, and have fun doing it!