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Grace & Ervin's Wedding at the Bayview Golf & Country Club

After so many lovely encounters with Grace and Ervin, I couldn't wait for the wedding day. We had a beautiful engagement session at Victoria College, U of T. We met for tacos and ice cream one summer night and discussed wedding, life, love, and food. And finally the big day came. Later I photographed this gorgeous couple's maternity photos. 

Continuing this long term relationship, I am so happy to wish Ervin & Grace a happy wedding anniversary, and wanted to share a snapshot with you, from the most beautiful days of their life. Congratulations, my lovely friends. 

Bride and groom laughing together, Bayview Golf & Country Club Wedding

After a relaxed and fun bridal session at U of T (Victoria College), Grace & Ervin held their wedding at the Bayview Golf & Country Club. It was a dreamy June afternoon and Grace came prepared to stroll the grounds in the cutest Marc Jacobs flip-flops. Practical and fashionable!

Flower girl & ring bearer walking down the aisle, Bayview Golf & Country Club Wedding
Bride walking down the aisle with her parents, Bayview Golf & Country Club Wedding

This is the very moment. When Grace's parents walked her down the short aisle, and two families became one. 

Bride and groom holding hands and looking at their wedding rings, Bayview Golf and Country Club Wedding

Honestly, I can't decide which outfit I liked best... Black and white, white and white, or traditional Chinese wedding garments. I think I'll go with the red and gold for the win.

Bride and groom wearing traditional Chinese wedding clothes, Bayview Golf and Country Club Wedding
Lovely bride wearing traditional Chinese wedding dress, Bayview Golf and Country Club Wedding

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Photography by Kate O'Connor and Lelania Little

Thank you to the creative team: 
Cake: Ruleo Patisserie
DJ: 3 Owls Entertainment
Flowers: Blooms Floral & Design
Hair & Makeup: Jennifer, Schulz Beauty
Jewelry: Swarovski
Venue: Bayview Golf & Country Club

Shelby & Ian's more-than Double Happiness Wedding

Oh, if I could only just quote the speeches told about Ian and Shelby at their wedding. I'll use the words kind and quirky to sum them up, but that definitely doesn't do them justice. I met Shelby and Ian more than two years ago, just before Ian went to Italy for a year of studying abroad. We bonded at a local coffee shop over a quote by Captain Jean-Luc Picard on my then-price list. We talked one anothers' ears off about all sorts of things, but specifically food... and more specifically dessert. I remember later using the term "social butterflies" to describe them in an email.

Finally after a long long wait the amazing wedding day arrived this spring, and it was as joyous, fun, creative and touching as ever could be imagined.


After I got my happy shot on the left, the boys requested a more "traditional" Chinese pose, seen here on the right...


Classic bridesmaid-moment of last minute stitching. The girls were gorgeous in their silver dresses and Shelby an elegant, classic beauty.


Since Ian was picking Shelby up in a vintage BMW, we did a "first look" right there in the house. This is one of my favourite moments, and brides, I swear this is ALWAYS when the groom's emotions show themselves. Very special day.


Shelby and Ian did a traditional Chinese tea ceremony where they were presented with many happy wishes and beautiful jewelry from their relatives in Malaysia. These families never ceased to touch my heart with the love and support they all expressed so openly.


The weather couldn't have been more perfect for a trip to the Rosetta McClain Gardens for photos and laughs. The wedding party had brought colourful umbrellas in case of rain (always recommended), but we used them for fun shots instead of for shelter.

Bridesmaids flowers in Orange and Green
Bridesmaids flowers in Orange and Green

The ceremony took place at the Toronto Chinese Methodist Church. It was awesome. Worship included two vocalists, a pianist, an electric guitar, and a percussionist with both a drum kit and bongos. They projected lyrics in English and Cantonese, and basically everyone rocked out. It was so great!

Toronto Chinese Methodist Church Music
Toronto Chinese Methodist Church Music
Bride and Grooms Parents
Bride and Grooms Parents

Ian and Shelby had breathtaking sunset-light on the grounds of the Columbus Event Centre. After a few more photos, now as husband and wife, we headed inside to eat, drink, and celebrate. As Reverend Chris mentioned while saying Grace, "We thank you for the partying that is about to happen." And so it did.


Shelby, Ian, what can I say? It's been so awesome getting to know such welcoming, warm, wonderful people. Thank you for having Rudo and me there, to document your wedding. We had a fantastic time and we wish you all the best in the years to come!

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Photographers: Kate O'Connor and Rudo Vacula

Thank you to the creative team!
Ceremony: Toronto Chinese Methodist Church, Rev. Chris Yu
DJ/Music: Music Unlimited, David Beal
Décor: The Wedding Decorators Inc., Sherisse Bhimani
Makeup: Lina Truong
Reception: Columbus Event Center, Agostino Chorine