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Lynsey & Ben's Wedding at the Hyatt-Regency and Cherry Beach

Moving back to Canada, Lynsey and Ben asked to do their photos on the beach to remind them of their home of the past several years - Ben's native land of Australia. Though Cherry Beach in Toronto doesn't have "much" good surfing or reef... for wedding photos it is great! There are lots of sweet spots; it's romantic, laid back, and there's room to run around and have fun... elements that suited Lynsey and Ben perfectly.

We went to the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Toronto, where the wedding party was getting ready, and where the reception would be held later that day. The groom and groomsmen were relaxing and enjoying a few beers, instructing one another on the best way to tie a tie and how to "work it" for the camera... I could tell this was a laid back bunch of people.


True to my suspicions, we found the bride and her bridesmaids drinking champaign, eating fruit and listening to music in the bridal suite. Although everyone looked very ladylike, when it came time to tighten Lynsey's wedding dress I finally saw evidence of what I had been told ahead of time - that these girls are rugby players! The ladies practically lifted Lynsey off the ground to hike that dress up, and proceeded to pin her with their legs when they were synching the waist... Not exactly the way they do it at the bridal shops, but hey - it worked and Lynsey looked fantastic. Plus there was lots and lots of laughing in the process.


We arrived for some fun at Cherry Beach. Sure, the Australian contingent made fun of Lake Ontario's [non-existent] waves and stoney shore, but we also took advantage of the area's architecture, the gorgeous city skyline, and the hazy summertime light.

The best thing about the photo shoot was that, when this gang wasn't laughing their heads off and fooling around, Lynsey and Ben couldn't get enough of one another. They were right there in the moment together with their closest people, and their love was plain to see.


The ceremony took place at St. Patrick's Parish Church, where Father Fleming presided with a very touching and sometimes funny sermon. Lynsey and Ben have had a lot of adventures together on the other side of the world. It was plain to see in their body language that they were ready for this. Father Fleming could tell too, which is why he had a Kleenex box on hand when Ben started to get emotional.

Finally we went back to the Hyatt Regency and started to party. True personalities came out during the speeches. Ben sang Dionne Warwick's "I Say a Little Prayer" to Lynsey and drank out of a Rugby Shoe (some sort of Australian tradition? I don't know!)... Needless to say, the night continued as the day had begun: laughter, joking, reminiscing, celebrating, love. Just as it should be.

Thank you Lynsey & Ben and Congratulations on your little guy Liam!! I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Photographers: Kate O'Connor and Johan Hallberg Campbell

Thank you to the creative team!
Cake: Olivia at I Do Wedding Cakes
Catering & Venue: Celly Kan-Holbrook at the Hyatt Regency Toronto
Ceremony Venue: St. Patrick's Parish Church, Toronto
Dress: Val's Bridal, Courtice
Hair & Makeup: Charlene Cordoba at The Mobile Stylist
Flowers: Anne Marie Voth at Linden Grove Flowers