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Laura & Jeff's Toronto Island Wedding Photographer Review

Laura & Jeff had a beautiful, intimate beach wedding on Wards Island. It was an honour to be one of the select participants! Here is their review:

Laura wore a gorgeous magenta wedding dress and flower crown to her Toronto Island Wedding.

"We were planning a unique Toronto Island wedding on the beach with 5 guests, and because of this we knew we needed someone we really trusted and “clicked” with, as well as someone who was willing to shoot a non-traditional wedding. So many photographers were unwilling or unable to be flexible, and just wanted us to book packages with multiple shooters or long packages. Meeting Kate during our hunt for a photographer was amazing. She immediately understood our vision and offered advice on planning/logistics before we even booked with her. Throughout the process, Kate was a breeze to work with, despite the fact we had a small wedding, we had a detailed plan. Kate matched our enthusiasm and didn’t treat our plans any differently than she would a large 250+ person wedding. 

On the day of the wedding, Kate came over to the Island and checked out our Bed & Breakfast, quietly taking some of my favourite photos of the day while I was getting makeup done and my husband was getting suited up. She chatted with my mother and charmed my Father in Law, even taking part in our champagne toast prior to the vows. Even though our wedding day was shorter than usual, Kate worked to keep up our energy when we were flagging bit, making sure we got all the photos we’d said we wanted! When we had a delay caused by a missed ferry, Kate was able to be flexible and stay a while longer to make sure we got our photos. 

I would recommend Kate to anyone, anytime."

– Laura & Jeff

Laura & Jeff enjoying the view of the Toronto skyline, from Wards Island.

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Laura & Jeff's Toronto Island Elopement

Thank you to the creative team!

Photographer: Kate O'Connor
Officiant: Martin Frith, Ceremonies With Choice
Ceremony: Toronto Island
Bride's dress: BHLDN
Hair & Makeup: Blush Pretty
Flowers: The Rose Mint
Groom's suit: Indochino
Transportation: Toronto ferries

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Rosemary & Alastair - Summer Camp Wedding at Camp Manitou

Rosemary & Alastair - Summer Camp Wedding at Camp Manitou

Memories of summer camp - the golden years - that nostalgic time of innocence, adventure, falling in love. Hope. Sunshine. Skinny dipping. You know, camp.

Well imagine all that, and add the day you stand in front of your best friends and beloved family, to make a commitment to yourself and a promise to your person. That's what Alastair and Rosemary did. They had an incredible summer camp wedding at Camp Manitou in Parry Sound.

It was an autumn wedding. Sunlight filtered through golden leaves and twinkled like diamonds, off the end-of-season lake. After the marriage ceremony we went to a quiet dock and I photographed the newlyweds, just the two of them. I put on my telescopic lens and hid off far away, so that Alastair could surprise Rosemary: he had taught himself to play the ukulele, and he wandered out of the woods, strumming and singing shyly at first. He sang to her and they both started to cry. Happy tears. The sun was low in the sky.

It was a good weekend. More than good. It was golden.

Summer Camp Wedding_01
Summer Camp Wedding_02
Summer Camp Wedding_04
Summer Camp Wedding_03
Summer Camp Wedding_05
Summer Camp Wedding_06
Summer Camp Wedding_07
Summer Camp Wedding_08
Summer Camp Wedding_09
Summer Camp Wedding_11
Summer Camp Wedding_12
Summer Camp Wedding_13
Summer Camp Wedding_14
Summer Camp Wedding_15
Summer Camp Wedding_16
Summer Camp Wedding_17
Summer Camp Wedding_18
Summer Camp Wedding_19
Summer Camp Wedding_20
Summer Camp Wedding_21
Summer Camp Wedding_22
Summer Camp Wedding_23
Summer Camp Wedding_24
Summer Camp Wedding_25
Summer Camp Wedding_26
Summer Camp Wedding_27
Summer Camp Wedding_28
Summer Camp Wedding_29
Summer Camp Wedding_30
Summer Camp Wedding_31
Summer Camp Wedding_32
Summer Camp Wedding_36
Summer Camp Wedding_35
Summer Camp Wedding_37
Summer Camp Wedding_38
Summer Camp Wedding_39
Summer Camp Wedding_40
Summer Camp Wedding_41
Summer Camp Wedding_42
Summer Camp Wedding_43
Summer Camp Wedding_44
Summer Camp Wedding_45
Summer Camp Wedding_46
Summer Camp Wedding_47
Summer Camp Wedding_48
Summer Camp Wedding_49
Summer Camp Wedding_50
Summer Camp Wedding_51
Summer Camp Wedding_52
Summer Camp Wedding_53
Summer Camp Wedding_54

Photographers: Kate O’Connor and Jenny Blair

Thank you to the creative team! Décor & Flowers: Rosemary's amazing mom, Mary Gibson Dress: Jealous Bridesmaids Hair & Makeup: Teryl Crombie Invitations: Minted Jewelry Design: Alastair Crombie, Alias Art Jewelry Men's Clothing: Harry Rosen Officiant: Lori Matties Venue & Catering: Camp Manitou

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