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Elise & Sean's District 28 Wedding Sneak Peek!

How gorgeous was Saturday?! Elise & Sean got married at District 28 and had a rocking party to boot! Congratulations you lovely wonderful happy sweethearts!!!


Here they are, right after their first look. Every time they looked at each other they'd smile so hard they just burst out laughing.

Bride and groom about to kiss; District 28 Wedding
Bride and groom laughing; District 28 Wedding

It was a happy day.

Many congratulations to you, Sean & Elise!

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Thank you to the creative team:

Venue: District 28
Hair: Lone & Co
Makeup: Beauty of Makeup
Flowers: Roadside Florist
Jewelry: Look at the Moon

Travel Adventure to San Francisco: A Love Letter to Maya & Ben

Arrived home this morning from San Francisco, one of my favourite cities in the world. I feel so much – so many things - but don’t know how to say them all at once, or properly. I “met” Maya and Ben on Skype, after we had been e-introduced by their awesome wedding planner Jodi Gagné. Living in California, Skype meetings are routine for these two. We had instant chemistry. There was a lot of laughter, which I now realize is a huge part of this couple’s life (being that they’re both hilarious and Maya is a constant joker). Somehow we group-fantasized that I’d go to the Bay Area and shoot their engagement session,,, and then somehow we made it happen.

I’ve just arrived home.

Palo Alto Engagement Photographer

Talk about adventure: Ben and Maya invited me – effectively a stranger from another country – into their home, and I accepted. We spent the weekend hanging out, eating delicious food, exploring San Francisco and Palo Alto, shooting pictures, telling stories, and laughing our heads off… it was beyond great.

What’s more, I found myself personally inspired by Maya and Ben. Not only as individuals, professionals, and inherently artistic beings, but also as a couple. Now, hold on before you go getting all judgey about how cheesy I am – hear me out.

Ben and Maya see, hear, and encourage one another with remarkable enthusiasm, care and interest. One’s happiness excites the other as if they’ve just met (and they haven’t). And the best part, is that the world is theirs; they have no self-consciousness about feeling this way and expressing it openly. I’m not talking about PDAs (though I have no problem with public displays of affection) – I mean that this love is just 100% out there, no apologies.

We all develop barriers in life, to protect our hearts and our egos from getting hurt. Maya and Ben are brave and confident and passionate in many aspects of their lives, and it is this that I find so incredible.

Thank you Maya and Ben for opening your home and your life to me. I can't wait to share your engagement photos in San Francisco, and I’m so excited to see you in Toronto for the wedding!

Congratulations, and Cheers, and Cheers again! Love, Kate

Baker Beach Engagement Photo
Alissa & Kevin having a giggle in the Gladstone Cowboy Elevator

Alissa and Kevin got married!! Here is the sweetest of sneak peeks taken in the classic Gladstone Cowboy Elevator, built in 1907. There are many gorgeous images to capture in the Gladstone Hotel, but the highlight in this case was definitely Kevin and Alissa's ability to forget about all that and enjoy a few special moments on their wedding day. Congratulations!! More lovely photos to come...

Gladstone Cowboy Elevator
Gladstone Cowboy Elevator

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