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Amanda & Larry's Wedding at The Grand Luxe

When I photographed Amanda & Larry’s at-home engagement session, we decided the grounds of their condo were the perfect place to do their wedding photos too. This couple was ALL about baking things beautiful and easy. Hallelujah!!

They literally had the PERFECT weather for a beautiful autumn wedding. It was happy, colourful, and truly everyone you could ask for!

Amanda & Larry had lots of personal touches at their wedding, including skull shaped liquor bottles, custom made tea packages, and an incredible DIY backdrop for their ceremony at the Grand Luxe in Toronto… But one of the most special moments was surprising their guests with their first dance. You see, they had actually won a call-in radio prize and had the brilliant USS come play their first dance, and DJ for the night! Needless to say, a fantastic time was had by all.


The day was amazing and the night was even better.

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Photographers: Kate O’Connor and Johnny Tang

Thank you to the creative team:
Hair: Bridal Hair Collective
Ceremony, Reception, Catering & Bar: The Grand Luxe Event Boutique
Music: Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker (USS)

Bebhinn & Ian's Wedding at Le Select Bistro

I met Ian years ago, when he got me a job at a coffee shop where he was working. While he soon left that shop to open his own store, Extra Butter Coffee, we stayed in touch and I was thrilled when Bebhinn (said like “bev-in”) contacted me about their wedding photos.

This was a magical wedding… An intimate affair at Le Select Bistro with a few close friends and family, including my sister! I was honoured to capture this very very very special day.

One of my favourite parts of the day was photographing Bebhinn & Ian at home getting ready together, with their adorable cat, Rolin. Rolin definitely suffers from FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) and wanted to be wherever the action was. Bebhinn was 7 months pregnant, so of course they were having a second breakfast, and Rolin decided to join them.

Ian & Bebhinn had the most gorgeous bespoke wedding clothes, including custom wedding rings, by Anna Lindsay MacDonald Contemporary Jewelry. I know I don’t usually post detail shots, but the way they were set up in Bebhinn’s sewing room was just irresistible, don’t you think?

08_Le Select Bistro Wedding.jpg

The flowers, by Van Harten & Tossell, were gorgeous, and look at that pocket square! This was a first for me, and I loved the look of it so much!

Now… One of my favourite moments was when Ian & Bebhinn got dressed. They had joked around and said they wanted to do a fake “First Look” because they thought it was super cheesy and funny and, to be frank, Ian thought a real first look was sort of a fake thing to do…

But when they got dressed, Ian needed help with his tie, and Bebhinn needed help with her dress. Being pregnant can restrict your movements, obviously, so they helped one another out… And the moment the dress came on and Bebhinn stepped back – so Ian could see how she looked – he was overcome with emotion! It was a real first look! I was soooooo happy.

Then they did the fake first look too (posted on my instagram - check it out) and we all laughed.

But boy, was I satisfied when the accidental, real first look happened. That’s the thing about a first look. It’s not the set-up that matters. It can be inside, outside or upside down. It’s the fact that YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED TODAY, GUYS. And when folks see each other all dressed up and ready to go, well, the only thing more exciting is actually doing it!

We piled the wedding things into the car and drove towards Le Select Bistro, BUT FIRST we made a stop at the bench where Bebhinn & Ian had their very first date. These two met online, and sat on the most random bench for a cup of tea… The rest is history.

26_Le Select Bistro Wedding.jpg
25_Le Select Bistro Wedding.jpg
28_Le Select Bistro Wedding.jpg

Friendship and community is very important to Ian and Bebhinn, and their wedding reflected that.

They both baked pies for the dessert table, and six of their friends brought pies ranging from gluten free to vegan (for Ian) to full (extra) butter. They also chose to make their wedding favours as part of the West End Food Coop Canning Share, which is closed now, but taught about canning, while helping farmers and the community.

35_Le Select Bistro Wedding.jpg
34_Le Select Bistro Wedding.jpg
33_Le Select Bistro Wedding.jpg
36_Le Select Bistro Wedding.jpg

Finally the big moment.

Played in by Bebhinn’s BFF, the ceremony was officiated by the lovely Martin Frith, and included a ring-warming ceremony. The wedding rings were passed from hand-to-hand through every guest, to bless them and infuse them with positive vibezzz. I have seen this ritual before but honestly, the guests were so moved, and the love was so palpable, I can guarantee those rings are powerful enough to move mountains.

The readings were sweet. The vows were funny. The kiss was triumphant. This wedding ceremony filled my heart.

63_Le Select Bistro Wedding.jpg
62_Le Select Bistro Wedding.jpg

We sneaked out to the back parking lot of Le Select so the newlyweds could have a few moments alone. Laughing and “We did it!”-ing, then squeezed together, with smiles as big as watermelons. And the baby started to kick. It was a happy happy moment, and I’m so lucky to have been there documenting.

Making our way back to the party, the evening that followed was delicious food, moving and inspiring speeches (the best man’s included mention of meeting Ian in a women’s studies – like, can these people be my best friends right now, please?!), much laughter, tears, and all-around celebration.

Bebhinn & Ian, words can’t describe how honoured I am, that you picked me to document your life in this way. I am grateful for the opportunity, and for the thoughtfulness, kindness and love that you have chosen to guide your life with. Thank you.


Thank you to the creative team:
Hair & Makeup: Tanya Phillipovich
Favours: West End Food Co-op
Flowers: Van Harten and Tossell
Rings: Rings by Anna Lindsay MacDonald Contemporary Jewellery and necklace by Heather Rathburn
Groom’s Suit: Indochino, vegan shoes by Novacas
Officiant: Martin Firth, Ceremonies with Choice
Venue: Le Select Bistro
Wedding Dress: Designed by Black Crane, custom alterations by Lori McMahon

Scarborough Bluffs Wedding - Sarah & Keon

My first tip-off was the fact that Keon refers to Sarah as "My Queen". This groom lives to make his bride happy.

Keon is a man who loves people - loves making them smile and laugh with words, poetry, song, music, movement. He makes the heart swoon and the hips groove... A classic romantic in modern times. Being the perfect match, Sarah beams her radiant smile, and is ready at a moment's notice for any - and all - surprises and delights...

Sarah and Keon got married at Revivaltime Tabernacle on this happy, rainy day in September. We headed to the Scarborough Bluffs for photos at the foot of Toronto's most beautiful natural wonders, and followed on to a night of celebration and partying at Bluffer's Park Restaurant.

This was a day filled with music and dancing, cheering and laughter, a few touching and teary-eyed speeches, several better-than-average raps and power-ballads, and then more laughing and dancing.

Joyful, soulful, modern romantics - I am so happy for you guys, and had a hoot at your awesome Scarborough Bluffs wedding!

Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_04
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_02
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_05
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_06
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_08
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_09
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_10
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_11
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_13
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_14
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_15
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_16
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_17
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_18
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_19
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_20
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_21
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_23
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_25
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_26
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_27
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_28
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_29
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_30
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_31
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_32
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_33
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_34
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_35
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_36
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_38
A row of houseboats in nautical-colours, at the Bluffers Park Marina, with the greenery of Scarborough Bluffs rising off in the background, on a rainy day.
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_40
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_42
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_41
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_44
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_45
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_46
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_49
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_50
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_51
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_52
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_53
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_54
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_55
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_56
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_57
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_58
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_59
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_60
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_62
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_63
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_64
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_65
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_66
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_67
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_68
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_69
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_70
Scarborough Bluffs Wedding_71
A happy, natural moment between a mixed race bride and groom, laughing and walking down the deck at Bluffer's Park Marina, with boats and the Bluffs in the background.

Photographers: Kate O’Connor and Ally Chadwick

Thank you to the creative team!
Ceremony Location: Revivaltime Tabernacle
Décor: Sultana's Wedding Décor
DJ/Music: Billy Bambao
Event Planner: Candice Joseph
Flowers: Coriander Girl
Jewelry Design: Alastair Crombie, Alias Art Jewelry
Men’s Clothing: Harry Rosen
Officiant: Dr. Reverend Audley James
Reception Venue & Catering: Bluffer's Park Restaurant
Transportation: Toronto Limo Rentals

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