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Madison & Martin's Kew Gardens Engagement Session

Since they live out of town, my first in-person meeting with Madison and Martin was at their Kew Gardens engagement session in Toronto's beautiful Beach neighbourhood. I pulled out all of my best tips and tricks to get these two talking and laughing together, since it was our first meeting, and I know people are usually nervous for a photo shoot, at the best of times.... And it was awesome. 

Here's a little peek:


It was late summer. We walked through the flower gardens of Kew Gardens park, and down to the beach boardwalk for some shots in the setting sun. These lovebirds were so sweet and funny. Madison's friendly, positive attitude shone through and brought out tons of great laughs from Martin.

Pretty flowers, Engagement Photos at Kew Gardens
Engagement Photos at Kew Gardens

I'm so happy for Martin & Madison, and I can't wait to spend their wedding day having even more fun!

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Sahrah & Aaron at Ashbridges Bay

Sahrah & Aaron's Sunset at the Beach

Introducing Sahrah and Aaron. This charming couple suggested Ashbridges Bay for their engagement photos. Avid and awesome volleyball players, the beaches are a favourite spot for them, and inarguably romantic. We met before sunset and wandered the boardwalk before crossing onto the sand.

Sahrah's beautiful smile was enough to distract camera-shy Aaron, and she  had an inherent ability to make him laugh. Sweet nothings and somethings, mixed with a lot of playing around... the sun set in a flash and none of us could believe the evening went by so quickly.

Pink Summer Dress

Thanks Aaron and Sahrah for a wonderful evening at the beach - I can't wait to shoot your wedding in August!!

Makeup by Christine Cho.