How to Stop Time, in 3 Easy Steps.


Back to school, Thanksgiving, Halloween… How is it the middle of November!?

Maybe you got married this year.  Maybe you said goodbye to your “baby” as they got on the school bus for the first time. Either way, it happened fast. If only there were an invisible photographer at the bus stop to capture that look on your face – crying, laughing, glaring with over-protectiveness:  love, your way.

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Ask this Magic Question

We all know it's impossible to "stop time” but there are ways to enjoy right now and make sure your memories stay with you. One way is the practice of Reflection.

Stop right now and answer this question in your mind: 
What was my favourite part of today, so far? 

A coffee? A kiss? A bathroom break? (Just saying!)
For me, it was writing in my journal first thing in the morning. I felt grounded, connected and safe.

How Reflection Stops Time

Reflection helps us focus our minds on little pieces of life that would otherwise go unnoticed.

  1. The noticing leads to a memory;

  2. The memory brings up a feeling;

  3. The impact of the feeling helps our brain flag that moment as a "keeper" in the sorting & filing of the mind.

Reflection is that invisible photographer you wish for. I ask every single one of my couples this question on their wedding day: 
What was your favourite part of today, so far? Whatever they say in the answer, they will remember for the rest of their lives.