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Daniela & Manny's Toronto City Hall Wedding Photography Review

Daniela & Manny eloped from Germany to Toronto, to get married at City Hall! It was a lovely spring day, and here are their thoughts: 

Daniela & Manny giggling during their wedding ceremony at Toronto City Hall.

"Coming from Germany to get married in Toronto, we haven't had a lot of time to get to know different photographers, what made me a little bit nervous - but Kate made that nervousness disappear right away! 

The contact via Email was very professional and she offered a first meeting up front the wedding photo shoot to get to know each other a bit better. Kate was very easy going, but also very professional. She made us feel comfortable right away. Kate wasn't pushing and the shooting felt more like a teamwork. It was visible, that she's got a lot of experience with calming down and making nervous brides (and grooms) feel comfortable :) We've laughed a lot! 

It was important for us that the pictures look real - and they do! Kate didn't make us pose - shes very creative with how to make the best natural pictures, gave us different themes to talk about, made us think back to different situations - we've had so much fun! And while talking, walking and laughing, we almost forgot that she's taking pictures. 

Also during our a little bit chaotic "friends shoot", Kate was relaxed and took the best pictures ever! Our friends were impressed by her! We love that she's captured even the different characters of our friends in those pics - AWESOME!

Somehow it seems Kate knows exactly how to catch feelings in her photos.
She's a very lovely, friendly and funny person and it's obvious that she loves her job. She made our special day even more special and we've been very happy that we got the chance to meet her. 

She's a great photographer with a great personality! Highly recommended!"

– Daniela & Manny

Newlyweds and their friends leaving Toronto City Hall, moments after their wedding ceremony!
Laura & Jeff's Toronto Island Wedding Photographer Review

Laura & Jeff had a beautiful, intimate beach wedding on Wards Island. It was an honour to be one of the select participants! Here is their review:

Laura wore a gorgeous magenta wedding dress and flower crown to her Toronto Island Wedding.

"We were planning a unique Toronto Island wedding on the beach with 5 guests, and because of this we knew we needed someone we really trusted and “clicked” with, as well as someone who was willing to shoot a non-traditional wedding. So many photographers were unwilling or unable to be flexible, and just wanted us to book packages with multiple shooters or long packages. Meeting Kate during our hunt for a photographer was amazing. She immediately understood our vision and offered advice on planning/logistics before we even booked with her. Throughout the process, Kate was a breeze to work with, despite the fact we had a small wedding, we had a detailed plan. Kate matched our enthusiasm and didn’t treat our plans any differently than she would a large 250+ person wedding. 

On the day of the wedding, Kate came over to the Island and checked out our Bed & Breakfast, quietly taking some of my favourite photos of the day while I was getting makeup done and my husband was getting suited up. She chatted with my mother and charmed my Father in Law, even taking part in our champagne toast prior to the vows. Even though our wedding day was shorter than usual, Kate worked to keep up our energy when we were flagging bit, making sure we got all the photos we’d said we wanted! When we had a delay caused by a missed ferry, Kate was able to be flexible and stay a while longer to make sure we got our photos. 

I would recommend Kate to anyone, anytime."

– Laura & Jeff

Laura & Jeff enjoying the view of the Toronto skyline, from Wards Island.

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Laura & Jeff's Toronto Island Elopement

Thank you to the creative team!

Photographer: Kate O'Connor
Officiant: Martin Frith, Ceremonies With Choice
Ceremony: Toronto Island
Bride's dress: BHLDN
Hair & Makeup: Blush Pretty
Flowers: The Rose Mint
Groom's suit: Indochino
Transportation: Toronto ferries

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The Importance of Getting to Know Your Wedding Photographer

The real reason to get to know your photographer

One of my best friends just gave birth to identical twins. Like, genetically identical. Before they were born she read blogs about the different ways parents of twins deal with telling the babies apart. Apparently this is a legitimate concern! But true to the nature of parenthood, once the mini-muffins arrived all her concerns were alleviated (well, not ALL of them… I mean she does have two newborn babies to take care of). “I feel like I can already see the difference in their personalities,” she sighed lovingly...

Is the lack of sleep making her delusional? Is it the narcotic love-drug making her hallucinate!? I don’t think so. Because, when you get to know someone, you see their uniqueness. Even if they share the same looks and mannerisms as someone else, when you know them-- you See Them. You just do.

No big surprise, it’s the same for weddings.

Getting ready is a family affair...

Getting ready is a family affair...

...babies, best friends, sisters...

...babies, best friends, sisters...

...and who can forget our furry friends!

...and who can forget our furry friends!


I have photographed more than 180 weddings. More than once I’ve been asked, “Don’t you get bored? All weddings are the same.” Well now! The asker of this question soon finds out I’m not as cynical as all that (LOL have you even met me??)!

But I have a proven technique to remedy this exact situation: I get to know people. 

When you know someone, you see their uniqueness and it's the same for weddings

As the person documenting your wedding my goal is to know you, so when I see your wedding I see your specialness (yes, the way your mom sees you).

I have witnessed age-old cultural traditions again and again. I’ve watched wedding trends in décor, cakes, dresses and music come and go. I’ve listened to countless readings, vows, speeches and roasts. And I still get teary-eyed. I won’t lie – I can tell who’s speaking from the heart versus who googled “Best Man Speech” but that’s ok. Not everyone is born to be a toast-master. 

Every wedding is different because couples and families are different, once you get to know them. And all wedding photographers are different too.

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau

Unbeknownst to most of us, all we can see is who we are. I photograph how I see you. The next photographer has different experiences, different values, a different worldview. They can only capture how they see you.

When you know a person, you see them for who they are. My goal is to build relationships with my clients so I can see the unique beauty of their wedding, no matter what.

Mel & Roy chartered a streetcar to transport their closest friends across Toronto in style!

Mel & Roy chartered a streetcar to transport their closest friends across Toronto in style!

Cocktail hour scavenger hunt on a farm in Price Edward County...

Cocktail hour scavenger hunt on a farm in Price Edward County...

...or cocktails at Hotel Ocho in downtown Toronto.

...or cocktails at Hotel Ocho in downtown Toronto.

Ashley wore the wedding dress of her mother & grandmother before her... but had it altered into a summer party dress for her outdoor wedding at the Aberfoyle Mill.

Ashley wore the wedding dress of her mother & grandmother before her... but had it altered into a summer party dress for her outdoor wedding at the Aberfoyle Mill.

David & Saraya's celebrations included Armenian, Chinese & Nordic traditions, and a hot pair of Louboutins!

David & Saraya's celebrations included Armenian, Chinese & Nordic traditions, and a hot pair of Louboutins!

Guests always find ways to amuse themselves...

Guests always find ways to amuse themselves...

...including the groom's parents requesting a "paddle" pic during ping-pong hour at SPiN.

...including the groom's parents requesting a "paddle" pic during ping-pong hour at SPiN.


Getting to know your photographer isn't about whether they like cats or dogs (cats), or long walks on the beach. Building a relationship can mean the difference between having authentic documentation of your wedding or ending up with cookie-cutter images just like everyone else's. So let's get to know each other over the next couple years. Let's fall in love. 

Lelania & Mike's Berkeley Church Wedding Photographer Review

Lelania & Mike got married at the Kortright Centre for Conservation, and had a drop-dead Gorgeous reception at Berkeley Church! Here are their happy words:

"Kate was amazing for both our engagement session and our wedding day, we enjoyed the experience from start to finish. She was always very warm, professional and accommodating, most importantly we could really tell how much love she has for her job and her clients. Something we really appreciated was how non invasive Kate and her team were while capturing intimate and candids moments. We were made to feel extremely comfortable, and the photo sessions felt super relaxed. We would highly recommend Kate as a photographer. Great experience, great photos and great team all around!"

– Lelania & Mike

Lelania & Mike sharing a moment as newlyweds in the Berkeley Church courtyard.

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Cake: Tre Mari Bakery
Caterer: Berkeley Events
Ceremony: Kortright Centre for Conservation
DJ: Maximum Music
Dress: Ferre Sposa
Hair: Melissa Tran
Invitations: Hope Little
Flowers: Benny & ViV
Jewelry Design: Kate Spade & Ben Amun
Makeup: Eryn Shannon
Reception Venue: Berkeley Church
Shoes: Alexander Wang
Transportation: Star Night Limousines
Videography: Toronto Wedding Studios

How to keep h'anger at bay, on your wedding day.

My boyfriend used to wish he had one of those portable flashing lights for the top of the car, for two situations: when I had my period, and when I was hungry. Though there are limited options for wedding day menstruation (hmm, definitely a potential article there), when it comes to avoiding the "hangry" wedding day, your options are many! 

This article contains two simple tips, and one wedding day to-do list of what to pack to stay fresh all day: 


Even for the chillest couples, the wedding is a big day. When was the last time you invited all your people to come and look and talk to you all at once? It's wedding-day-hangry just waiting to happen! Besides the emotional/spiritual/life milestone taking place, you’ve got a lot to think about and that takes energy. 


Drink water to keep your energy up!  

Many brides are afraid they’ll have to pee and avoid drinking water on the wedding day. Don’t do that! 

Staying hydrated will help you keep your energy up. I know, from the experience of shooting weddings, water gives you a boost and keeps your endurance up so you can smile allllllllllll day long (and still party into the night). 

Also, it’ll make you smell better: you might get nervous and sweat a lot, but if you stay hydrated your body and your breath will thank you! (A quick googling of dehydration and body odour/bad breath can tell you why.)   


Have snacks on hand! 

Nothing brings on irritability, anxiety, and exhaustion like low blood sugar. Don’t leave it to chance when it comes to staying in a good mood on your wedding day!

Keep snacks on hand for yourself and houseguests, i.e. bridesmaids getting ready at your place. Besides brunch, make sure there are snacks you can force yourself to eat if you get too nervous or stressed out for a full meal.  


Things to consider / pack: 

  • Straws for sipping, to protect lipstick

  • Lipstick touch-up colour from makeup artist, for after she’s left.

  • Smoothie or liquid meal that you can sip (alternate with water if you get a dry mouth)

  • Small bites of fruit & some sort of bib – no blackberry juice on the wedding dress!

  • Granola bars (soft as opposed to hard and crumbly)

  • Halloween-sized chocolate bars or small cookies in a zip-lock

  • Yoghurt drinks (get that probiotic in while you're at it ;))

  • Juice boxes

  • Wet wipes for hands

  • Someone you trust, who’s as obsessive as you are, to check that there’s no food in your teeth. None of this “you’re fine you’re fine” when they haven’t even looked!


Basically, you need food and drink that takes minimum effort to open, and can be carried with you. And possibly a case of water bottles for your bridal party/family, if you are traveling together in a limo or having a big photo session somewhere away from immediate access to water… Especially in the summer, guys!!! Please! I know plastic water bottles are terrible for the environment, but this is one of those times you might forget your S’well.  


You got this!!

Between morning coffee with your BFFs, and a champagne toast (or three) you need to keep your wits about you. You don’t want to get drunk or shaky, right before you say “I do”. Take care your body with water and snacks, and no portable flashing lights will be needed! 


Look beautiful, no food in teeth, laughing head off... Check!