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#39daysofselfcare Days 18 & 19: Live Music... Then Silence


Last night I went to see Flying Lotus at The Danforth Music Hall. The 👏🏼show 👏🏼was 👏🏼so 👏🏼good.👏🏼


It was a 3D audio-visual experience that was so unexpectedly delicious. Unexpected, because it was my first time and tbh I knew nothing about it before going! I’m guessing I blinked 5 times during the entire show because I was completely mesmerized. Live music has always been an instant love-injection straight to my soul, so Day 18 was a direct hit!

Today I was still flying from the experience, so day 19 of my #39daysofselfcare was to do a bunch of housework in silence.

Silence is hard to come by these days because, as you know, I typically dance my way through daily life. Dance and dance and dance! I also listen to tons of podcasts while editing photos, and audiobooks while commuting. Music and movement and ideas and adventure OH MY!

Today after such stimulation, I had to have silence.
What came was a feeling of excitement, possibility, and immense gratitude.

Silence is not easy. Not for me, anyway. I’m very hooked on scrolling on my phone, distraction, multitasking. Even my meditations are guided on various apps.

And the feelings that come in silence can be difficult ones. Not a bad thing! It’s good to feel them... but easier to avoid them. So there’s always a chance with Silence that something will come up.

I have all my tools for those times, but didn’t need them today. Today was bubbling with juicy pleasure and that tired, grounded knowing that feels earthy and divine.