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#39daysofselfcare Day 15: Dancing

Day 15 of my 39-day self-care challenge

These (below) are knee pads. I bought them the week before I went to my first weekend intensive at the School of Womanly Arts. I first tried them out years ago, in pole dancing classes at a place called Felinity (it’s gone now but it was run by a genius woman called Alyson Joy, and💥it💥was💥so💥good💥).


The knee pads are for dancing, for anyone who’s confused. As a tall & un-sporty person, I’ve had sensitive knees since always. AND I’ve always loved to dance.

So you can only imagine how much pleasure, movement & FREEDOM this equipment has brought to my world.

I highly recommend knee pads for everyone. Fashion designers, if you could incorporate these into pants and then those pants become wildly popular so we can all go about life being comfortable/supported, that would be great, thanks.

Seriously, though. Listen up:
Every single morning I dance. I put these on my legs & dance in standing, kneeling, crawling & lying position, all over my whole house.

As I’ve mentioned, the neighbours already think I’m nuts, so all is well.
Unless you’re already a dancer, you can’t fathom how important this is for mental health.

Yes, exercise is important. Pilates yoga gym swimming boxing sports, yes yes of course! Even the running... I know you runners love your horrible torturous activity (lol jk I have so much respect for you).

But to dance is a different type of movement.

To dance is to get exercise & so much more: expression, release, inspiration, awakening & surprises galore.

Dancing puts you in touch with your body AND your soul. Dancing starts in the deepest darkest part of you & moves from in to out, growing you taller wider deeper. Dancing connects your masculine and feminine. Dancing unlocks the secrets keeping you sick. Dancing is ALL of your senses engaged, sight sound touch taste smell, libido, memory, imagination & the part of you that is God.
I call her Goddess.

Try this, on top of the personal development you’re doing: dance to 1-3 songs that turn you on every day for the next 5 days.

And if you are in a bad place, start with a song that reflects how you feel, then turn on.

Let me know what happens, bc I GUARANTEE something will.

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