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#39daysofselfcare Day 7: Cleaning


A few days ago I was dancing all the feelings out of my body to a rightfully rage-y song and felt compelled to basically trash the place. This consisted of throwing clean laundry EVERYWHERE, whipping the floor with a towel, and writhing around with the pillows and blankets on my bed. My downstairs neighbours are on vay-cay, and it feels so good to let loose. 🌊🌪💦☄️✨


Once I was done, I spent time folding & hanging everything with the KonMari method, which I adore, listening to the Tusk album by Fleetwood Mac. (Can we pls stop and share a moment for the song “Storms”?!?! Tks)

I digress.
Day 7 of #39daysofselfcare is cleaning; specifically to tidy, fold, put out the trash, empty the fridge, and purge a bunch of papers.

But does cleaning count as “self-care”? You bet your bottom dollar!

For anyone naturally tidy, you may not relate to this post. But for many/most people who have experienced depression, you know how bad things can get. There were times in my life my bedroom looked like the above image on a regular day. The simplest acts of housekeeping felt impossible.

But for most people who have experienced depression, you know how bad things can get.

They say depression is anger turned inwards. And my wise coach once said, “your outside world is a reflection of your inner one.” In my experience these two statements are true.

It took me a year of intentional research to discover what “self-love” was for me. In a REAL, literal, action-based sense. I wanted STEPS. I needed instructions. Cleaning was one of them.

It changed my life.
Much to my hippy, anti-establishment, “won’t be domesticated” chagrin, I learned it’s easier to go with the flow, when there’s actual physical space for the flow to go.

If you’re in the middle of wedding planning, maybe you don’t have time/desire to clean. Especially when things get intense, this can go to the bottom of the priority list. I have a hack for that: hire a cleaner!!

Hire a cleaning person.

Because, you know what? It’s 100% the same amount and quality of love as if you did it yourself. Maybe even more so! Let go of whatever weirdness you may feel and give yourself that gift.

If you look at your own life, can you see any ways your outside world reflects your inner one?


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