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Real life is this beautiful.


Still Holding Hands - Distillery District Family Photography

Carrie & Kevin Toronto family photography session, in the Historic Distillery District. This was part two of a Wonder Years Session, where I photograph the same family twice in one year. Kids grow up so fast, so it was an honour to be able to document this precious time in their lives. 

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Rebecca & Nico's Cottage Wedding Photographer Review

Nico & Rebecca's cottage wedding photographer review: "More than a photographer, she was our logistical and emotional wedding guide."

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Jacquelin & David's Wedding Photographer Review

Jacqui & Dave's Enoch Turner Schoolhouse Wedding Photographer Review: "Besides saying, "yes" to my husband when he proposed, Kate was the best wedding decision I made."

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Unplugged Wedding Ceremony: A "good professional photographer" just isn't enough.

Thinking of an unplugged wedding ceremony? Here are some questions you might not have thought to ask! In the past 7 years of shooting weddings, I’ve seen a few near-disaster photography moments...

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